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We all have challenges and issues that we suffer from in life that make us feel stuck, anxious, paralysed and prevent  us from healing, moving on and living truly fulfilled and authentic to be who we truly are.  We al go through time in our lives, transitional times, where everything feels overwhelming and completely 'out of whack.'  Maybe we don't now why we are feeling a certain way, what is the issue or how to move at all.   Are you stuck with  habits that no longer serve you or hold you back?  Do you have addictions, phobias, habitual behaviours,  panic attacks,  anxiety or confidence issues or do you live with chronic pain for any reason?  Are you still suffering from issues from your past or childhood or are you interested in exploring your past lives to resolve current issues?  Perhaps you have been bereaved or suffered the loss of a relationship and finding it hard to cope and find acceptance.

As a Counsellor, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist  and Reiki healer, I can formulate a series of therapy sessions tailored just for you as a unique individual.  All sessions are  conducted in a safe and warm, non judgemental environment.  I use a combination of  Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Energy and Body work,  Reiki, Coaching, Aromatherapy massage and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) to bring about release and healing to each unique person.  I believe you are you own healer, you already know the answers,  will  facilitate and guide you back to who actually are.   

Your life is always on is you who move off that track.  I am here to guide you back onto it.  Your ind, body ad soul already knows how to heal and I am here to put you back in touch with it.


I will welcome you, putting you fully at your ease and during a full consultation session  I will gently guide you through questions and allow you to talk and share your issues  and develop your programme to healing.  We can together identify any issues or habits  that are causing suffering.     All in a warm, safe, judgement free  and nurturing environment.

As an English graduate and qualified teacher, I also offer children's tutoring with added mindfulness for key stages 1,2 and 3 and coaching, counselling and study skills  for children from 4 to 18. 

I work from my calm and fully resourced home based therapy and tutor  room  in Congleton  in Cheshire.

Live the life you deserve - heal yourself .....

  • Counselling

  • Fertility, adoption, bereavement and anxiety specialism in  coaching and counselling 

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Life coaching

  • Reiki and energy healing

  • Tutoring and mentoring 

  • Work online or face to face

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