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Holistic Therapy for Mind, Body and Soul


Babies are born with only two fears – the fear of being dropped and the fear of loud noises.  Everything else is acquired through conditioning and experience.  The basis for my therapy starts with the individual person.  Just like a plant or flower, if it does not receive the right conditions to blossom and thrive – then it won’t – but no one blames the plant…….  I know the same to be true for each person – given the right conditions each person can fully heal and thrive, break through limiting beliefs, fears, conditioning and blockages that make them feel ‘stuck’ and ‘deficient’ or ‘broken’.


I have come through and created my family of 2 wonderful children – one through  IVF  and one through  international adoption -  when we were given a devastating diagnosis of complete male sterility a year into marriage  and many, many   female fertility challenges including treatment for cervical pre-cancerous cells and surgeries  – the odds were against us – over 12 years we beat them. Using this life  experience and with a tonne of  empathy for those struggling with fertility,  I specialise in fertility counselling and coaching  for women or couples and also cultural adjustment counselling and coaching for newly arriving accompanying spouses or couples having completed  and published a study of academic research in this field.


From my therapeutic toolbox, I offer counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy,  Reiki aura and chakra balancing with crystal healing, massage and aromatherapy.  I am fully certified in all. I can now add my most recent training by the founder of this modality Karl Smith in the UK - Kinetic Energy Shift Hypnosis – a combination of hypnosis, body and energy work which can help to release unwanted bodyweight, shift blockages, PTSD and addiction.

I am also a qualified British Teacher and tutor children from 4 - 11 in Maths and English  with added mindfulness for anxiety reduction and confidence building.


As  each person who comes to me is unique in their souls,  their life  and their experience, they may  maybe grieving and feeling loss, seeking guidance, feeling at a crossroads, in. need of healing or just in need of a listening and mentoring ear, I use whatever I intuit that each person needs and is to their highest good.

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BA (Hons) PGCE
Diploma: Professional Hypnotherapy  
Diploma:  Life coaching
Diploma:  Counselling
Reiki Master 
Certified in Massage, Aromatherapy

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